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5 Ways to Make Brushing Fun for Kids!

Let’s face it, getting kids ready in the morning and at night is a tall feat in and of itself. Adding an oral hygiene routine into the mix can be a tough ordeal. Here are some helpful tips from Smiles Dental that hopefully will get your child excited about brushing their teeth – or at least cooperative!

Side view of a dad & young daughter standing in front of the sink brushing their teeth

Let Them Pick Out Their Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Kids most likely won’t be thrilled about the strong mint flavor that many adult toothpastes have. Kids’ toothpaste comes in a variety of flavors from bubble gum to strawberry to watermelon. Next time you’re at the store, let them pick out which flavor they want. This is a prime way to not only include them in their oral health decisions but also to get them excited about this twice-a-day ritual.

There is also a wide range of kids’ toothbrushes on the market with a variety of characters and colors to choose from. Allow them to choose their very own toothbrush. This will help instill ownership of their own oral health.

Make a Game Out of Brushing

Brushing teeth doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Make a quick game out of it to help the two minutes pass in a flash. Pretend the bacteria are tooth monsters and encourage your child to get them all off their teeth before time runs out. Pretend they are a dentist and have them show you how to properly brush your teeth while brushing their own.

Have a Toothbrush Dance Party

Two minutes can feel like a long time for a child. Turn on a two-minute song and have a toothbrush dance party until the song is complete! In addition, brushing your teeth with your child and showing them proper techniques can have a major impact on their oral health habits. Kids love copying people that they admire!

Create a Brushing Reward Chart

Small rewards can go a long way. Hang a calendar in the bathroom and allow your child to pick out a sticker and put it on the calendar every day after they brush their teeth. Once they collect enough stickers, they can get a prize like extra playtime, a treat, or a toy from the store!

Educate Children about Brushing

Knowledge is power. There is plenty of fun, educational online videos to show kids the importance of brushing their teeth. It’s important that they understand the “why” behind brushing but in a way that’s easier for them to comprehend. If they know the reason, they may be more likely to keep up with their oral hygiene regimen.

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