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Valentine’s Day Treats That Won’t Hurt Your Teeth!

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As Valentine’s Day approaches, your thoughts may be of your sweetheart and what nice surprise they’re planning for the special day. Or maybe you’re already thinking about the delicious chocolates and candies you’ll be receiving as a present. Chances are, you aren’t too concerned with what your dentist has to say about whether or not those treats are actually good for your smile.

Hey, we get it! But since it is our field of work, the Smiles Dental team can’t help but give you some guidance to ensure your teeth don’t have to suffer just because it’s a holiday. Don’t worry—we’re not here to tell you that you should cut out Valentine’s Day treats completely.

We’re here to give you some tooth-friendly alternatives so you can enjoy this day of love while still showing love to your smile.

Fruit Bouquet

Giving bouquets of flowers is already a popular thing to do for Valentine’s, so why not make it extra special with a beautiful bouquet that’s made entirely of fruit? There are different companies that offer arrangements made from fresh fruit, and many of them offer easy ordering online. Extra bonus: fruit is friendlier on your teeth than other sticky sweets.

Dark Chocolate Bar

You may be surprised to see chocolate on this list, but dark chocolate is actually a healthier choice due to its antioxidant properties. Plus, a bar of smooth dark chocolate is safer on your teeth than one that’s full of hard nuts, which have the potential to crack a tooth if bit into the wrong way. It’s also nicer for your teeth than chocolate that’s full of caramel, which sticks to your teeth and makes for a cavity paradise.

Cheese Platter

This one is a little outside the box, but hear us out. The calcium in cheese makes it quite good for dental health. And with the right fancy cheeses, organized on an elegant wooden board or piece of slate with some crackers and grapes, you can present your loved one with an impressive spread. Plus, who can resist cheese?

Happy Valentine's Day From Smiles Dental

We hope these recommendations help you think about some ways you can offer up Valentine’s Day treats without worrying about hurting your beloved’s teeth! And speaking of Valentine’s Day, if you want to brighten your smile a bit to look your best on your date, we invite you to come into one of our Washington or Oregon offices for our in-office teeth whitening treatment. In just one visit, you can leave with a dramatically whiter smile. Call us to set up your appointment!

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