Smiles Dental Celebrates National Dental Hygiene Month

Smiles Dental Celebrates National Dental Hygiene Month

Smiles Dental is committed to your health. We take pride in providing you with the best oral care we can provide and we would not be able to do that without our wonderful dental hygienist.

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October is National Dental Hygiene Month, which is the month of October. 2013 in particular is an exciting year, because it is the 100th anniversary of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association. To celebrate the hard work of our wonderful dental hygienists we wanted to bust some common myths about their job.

Myth: Anyone can get a job as a hygienist.

Fact: In order to be a dental hygienist, one must first be accepted into an accredited college. This is possible for many people but the competition is stiff. There are a lot more applicants than actual available slots. Earning a degree is not the end stage; it is only one part of the big journey. Dental hygienists have to pass tough national board exams that are written as well as clinical regional exams, plus written state exams. After they pass all of these each hygienist must apply for a state license with the Board of Dentistry before they can provide any type of patient care.

Myth: Our job is to nag patients about flossing.

Fact: Our favorite thing is to see patients who floss often, but we have many patients who do not floss. This can be dangerous because it can contribute to periodontal disease. Your health is important to us and it is our job to help you understand the outcome of your oral health habits. We never want to be a nag, but we do want to educate you on the value of healthy teeth.

Think about it this way, your gums are skin. And if you had another part of your body where the skin was bleeding or swollen you would put immediate attention to it. Treat your mouth the same way.
Your new mantra: “Healthy gums do not bleed.”

Myth: Your Pain is our Gain.

Fact: Never ever do we want to cause you pain. The dental industry can get a bad rap from movies that paint dental hygienist and doctors in a horrible light, but here at Advanced Dental Arts NW, we pride ourselves on a comfortable experience for you and your family. Taking care of your teeth should be fun and painless.

Patients with healthy smiles usually look forward to visiting us, so make your appointment today.

Myth: We only clean teeth.

Fact: Scraping tartar that has built up on your teeth is part of our task but in full day’s work we do so much more. We review medical history, provide oral hygiene instructions, suggest products that will improve individualized care, take radiographs to look for abnormalities, educate patients, welcome new patients, administer anesthetics, answer questions, increase comfort, decrease anxiety, place sealants and apply fluoride, all while having a personalized conversation.

Plus, we are always learning more about the industry so we can help you reach your goals.

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