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Protect Your Teeth With MI Paste!

Note from Smiles Dental: For this week’s guest blog, we invited Jill Hutchinson, RDH, to write an article to benefit our patients. Jill is the Clinical Educator and Special Markets Account Manager for GC America. In her blog below, she discusses the advantages of using MI Paste‚ as part of your dental hygiene routine. She also explains why choosing MI Paste can help lead to better dental health and to better health overall. Jill also discusses the various types of MI Paste that are available from GC America, Inc.

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MI Paste / MI Paste Plus, * (*with fluoride) is an established technology and a scientific breakthrough for strengthening and protecting your teeth. They are one-of-a-kind dental products, and the paste contains Recaldent, a naturally occurring, milk-derived protein that is completely safe (even if you’re lactose intolerant).

MI Paste / MI Paste Plus

Over time your teeth can lose essential nutrients that protect them. Certain everyday activities, such as consuming acidic foods and soft drinks, aging, stress, and many other situations can create an oral acid imbalance that will make you prone to dental decay. And when that happens, you could have trouble producing enough saliva that contains the minerals your teeth need to stay strong and healthy.

MI Paste strengthens your teeth by replenishing the vital minerals‚ calcium, phosphate and fluoride, that are lost when a white spot (decalcification) or cavity starts to form. In short, it helps to protect tooth enamel.

MI Paste Family

The MI Paste family is especially helpful if you have sensitive teeth, wear braces or have gastric reflux. It is also soothing to your mouth if you have a condition or situation that leads to low saliva flow, as with the circumstances created by many medications for head and neck cancer therapies. MI Paste is considered safe for infants, children and the elderly. It is completely safe to swallow and is like vitamins for your teeth!

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Easy To Use

MI Paste is very easy to use. It is a topical tooth cream that can be applied after brushing and flossing. Simply squeeze a pea-size amount onto your finger, and apply it to your teeth using your tongue to spread it throughout your mouth. Leave it on for three to five minutes. Then spit out the excess and DO NOT RINSE. Just let the rest slowly dissipate. It’s that easy!

Five Delicious Flavors

Best of all, you can choose your favorite flavor! MI Paste comes in five delicious flavors: strawberry, melon, mint, tutti-frutti, and vanilla.

Your teeth will appear lighter, glossier, and lustrous immediately after using MI Paste, and your mouth will feel moisturized.

Regular use of MI Paste means:
 – Less chance of cavities
 – Greater oral soft tissue comfort
 – Relief of sensitive teeth
 – Stronger, healthier enamel

Protect Your Teeth!

MI Paste will help to condition and protect your teeth, keeping your smile vibrant for a lifetime!

Enjoy better oral health. Ask your dentist or hygienist today for your tube of MI Paste or MI Paste Plus, made by GC America, Inc. (MI Paste is not sold in stores.) For more information, visit MIpaste

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