Premier Dental Restorations: Something to Smile About!

Premier Dental Restorations: Something to Smile About!

Notes from Smiles Dental: We invited Jamie Stover, general manager of Ziemek Dental Laboratories, to talk about the different types of restorative materials available to patients. He will be explaining why choosing high-quality dental materials is important to creating aesthetically pleasing and comfortable restorations.

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Ziemek Dental Laboratories

Hello, my name is Jamie Stover, and I am the general manager of Ziemek Dental Laboratories. Ziemek Lab recently formed a partnership with the Smiles Dental team to provide their patients with the highest quality dental restorations available and the highest level of dental care.

Ziemek Technicians

When it comes to choosing the best restoration type, the Smiles dentists are experts. They will consider all the important factors, such as tooth position in the mouth, your individual bite and chewing style, if you grind your teeth or not, the specific color and shade of your teeth, and more. They will then select the restorative material that best matches your individual needs and the Ziemek technicians will craft a restoration that will look, fit and feel like it’s always been there.

High-Quality Dental Laboratory

The Smiles Dental team knows that not only is the material choice important, but using a high-quality dental laboratory is just as critical to achieve the best results and the highest level of care.

In today’s global marketplace, some dentists use dental labs in other countries where the restorations are fabricated and then shipped overseas to the patients here in the U.S. Your Smiles team knows that this is not the case with your restorations from Ziemek Dental Laboratories.

Dental Restorations

All the dental restorations we fabricate are 100 percent made in the USA from the highest quality and most aesthetically pleasing materials on the market. So, if it becomes necessary to restore one or more of your teeth with a crown, you can rest assured that quality is our top priority.

Perhaps you want to replace cracked, stained or crooked front teeth with veneers or crowns to enhance your smile. We’ve got you covered with all ceramic materials that are beautiful and appear completely natural when compared to actual teeth.

Super Strong Restoration

Are you in need of a super strong restoration? We fabricate all-ceramic restorations today called BruxZir¬Æ. They are metal-free, like natural teeth in appearance, and they are so strong that we have shown in our testing that even a hammer can’t phase them!

Do you grind your teeth at night? Your Smiles dentist can work with Ziemek to fabricate a custom night guard to protect your teeth from excessive wear. If you have a missing tooth, perhaps a dental implant is the way that you’ll choose to go. Dental implants are a permanent solution for replacing a missing tooth without affecting the teeth around it or without the need for a removable appliance and all the associated cleaning and care that are required.

If a removable appliance (like dentures or partial dentures) is right for you, the latest appliances are vastly improved and are now available with beautiful teeth that appear completely natural and can be made with soft, flexible materials that are more comfortable than the metal-framed versions. Ask your Smiles team about all the restorative options available from our lab.

The bottom line: The Smiles Dental / Ziemek Laboratories partnership means beautiful smiles and the highest quality materials. At Ziemek Dental Laboratories, we are very excited to be part of the Smiles Dental support system and are really looking forward to giving you something to smile about. Have a great day!

Jamie Stover, CDT – General Manager – Ziemek Laboratories – Olympia, WA

Ziemek Laboratories is located in Olympia and Tacoma, WA. Locally owned and operated for more than 22 years, Ziemek is a DAMAS Certified Dental Laboratory, which means that we are in an elite group of dental labs (around 1 percent of all dental labs in the nation have received the DAMAS Certification) that use the latest technology, only use materials from FDA-regulated suppliers, and have Certified Dental Lab Technicians who fabricate world-class restorations. Ziemek restorations have been featured in many national dental publications, including Inside Dental Technology, Dental Lab Products, Inside Dental Assisting and Dental Products Report

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