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Never Fear the Dentist Again!

If going to the dentist makes you nervous, you’re not alone. Most patients have dental anxiety to some degree, even if it’s just “butterflies” in the stomach. That’s why we offer our Signature Anxiety-Free Services to help reduce your unease and provide you with the most relaxing dental experience possible.

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Communication Is Key

It’s easy to be frightened by things we don’t understand. That’s why knowledge is probably the best antidote for fear. The more familiar you are with something, the less scary it becomes.

So we always encourage you to ask questions. If you have any fears about your procedure, please let us know about it. There’s no need to be shy or embarrassed about being afraid, because it’s perfectly natural. The more honest and open our communication is, the less your fear and anxiety will be.

"Tell, Show, Do"

One common reason for anxiety is not knowing the details of your treatment. That’s why we always tell and show you exactly what we’re going to do before we actually do it. And we will keep you informed every step of the way, to assure your comfort.

Want to See?

Anxiety-reducing verbal knowledge can also be supplemented by visual knowledge. For some patients, actually seeing what’s going on helps reduce fear. If that’s true for you, feel free to ask us for a mirror.

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Blankets, Pillows, iPods & More

We also offer an array of comforting amenities. If the sounds you hear while sitting in the dentist’s chair make you nervous, we have loaner iPods for that.

Your favorite music or other entertainment can be a great way to distract your ears with something more soothing. Many of our offices also have TVs and movies in the treatment room. In addition, warm blankets and soft pillows are also on hand to provide a touch of physical comfort.

Sedation Dentistry

Of course, we also offer a variety of sedation options to make your treatment even more comfortable and completely pain-free. Depending on your needs, these options include oral medication, inhalation sedation (“laughing gas”), topical medications, and IV sedation. Together, we will discuss your options and choose the right one for you.

Routine checkups will also help reduce any anxiety of going to the dentist. So if you’re overdue for your checkup, contact us at Smiles Dental and set up an appointment today! Check out our locations across Washington & Oregon!

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