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Winter Sports Mouthguard Special

Did you know that 5 million teeth are knocked out each year during sports activities? That’s a whole lot of teeth lost! Studies also show that if you’re involved in a contact sport and you aren’t wearing a mouthguard, you are 60 times more likely to sustain a dental injury. That’s definitely not something you want to happen to your child, especially when they’re just trying to have a bit of fun practicing or playing a game!

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Besides bringing down what could have otherwise been a great season, a dental trauma like that is painful, and fixing it can end up being quite expensive. Personally, we think it’s much better (for your health, wallet, and peace of mind) if you can avoid that whole mess to begin with, which is why we’re excited to offer a winter sports mouthguard special at our practice locations. It’s just another way that we’re striving to help your family keep their smiles full and healthy.

Our Sports Mouthguard Special

This winter season, we are pleased to provide a special mouthguard offer: we’ll fit your child with a custom mouthguard for only $39. They will also be excited to know they can even get their mouthguard in their team’s colors! We truly believe that you and your loved ones deserve the same protection enjoyed by professional athletes, and we don’t want an unexpected injury to ruin your fun or your holidays.

At Smiles Dental, we’re always on your team. To get more details on our winter sports mouthguard special or to simply learn more about the importance and benefits of wearing an athletic mouthguard, you’re welcome to call or email one of our dental office locations. A Smiles Dental team member would be more than happy to chat with you further!

The Smiles Dental team is here to answer any questions you have, whether it’s about mouthguards, an oral health issue, or anything else dental-related. Feel free to contact any one of our Washington or Oregon locations for some assistance.

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