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Emergency Dentistry in Oregon

Nobody wants to deal with a dental emergency. But it’s a good idea to know who to call if it ever happens to you! Smiles Dental provides emergency dentistry in Oregon so that our community doesn’t have to wait weeks to handle an oral health situation that needs to be taken care of now.

Give us a call and we’ll bring you in quickly, even without an appointment, so we can remedy the issue and you can start smiling again.

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What’s a Dental Emergency?

You may be wondering what’s the difference between a dental emergency and just a dental problem. Dental emergencies are situations that need to be treated as soon as possible so that severe or lasting damage doesn’t occur. With some other dental problems, it’s possible to wait a little bit to get treated without major harm to your oral or physical health.

Some examples of common dental emergencies include a tooth that’s been knocked out, a broken tooth, a severe crack, and a severe infection or abscess. In some of these cases, the faster you act, the better the likelihood that your tooth can be saved. That’s what puts the urgency in the emergency!

Our Oregon Locations for Emergency Dentistry

Smiles Dental has numerous offices scattered across Oregon in order to provide quality care close to your home. You always have a trusted place you can rely on in times of dental emergencies. Here are our practices in Oregon and pages where you can learn more about each:

Not Just for Emergencies!

We recommend figuring out which Smiles Dental office is located closest to your home and saving that practice’s number somewhere handy. You can stick it up on the fridge and program it into your phone contacts so everyone in the house knows exactly who to call in case something happens.

Stay safe out there! Sometimes emergencies can be prevented with a custom mouthguard and/or preventive care. Don’t wait for an emergency to come see us!

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