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Can Crowns or Implant Teeth Get Cavities?


If you’ve just received a dental crown or dental implant, you may be looking into the best ways to take care of your restoration so that it lasts you as long as possible. One thing you may be researching, in particular, is whether or not your crown or implant can get a cavity. Great question! As providers of both of these services, we discuss this often with restorative dental patients. Let’s dive into the answer.

The Crown & Implant Itself

To put it simply, the dental crown and the dental implant restoration itself cannot form cavities. This is because both are made from artificial materials (which can vary depending on your situation) that aren’t susceptible to decay like your natural teeth. Good news, right? Yes, but it’s not the full story. Just because your restoration isn’t able to get a cavity doesn’t mean you can just stop looking after it.

Not So Fast

Even if your dental crown can’t develop a cavity, the tooth that your crown is attached to still can. There is a small area right where your tooth and dental crown meet, and plaque can find its way there to start forming a cavity. If left alone, it could mean that you eventually need to get your crown replaced. That’s a major reason why you have to maintain great care of your crown, if not a little extra attention to where it is.

With a dental implant, there may not be a natural tooth that it’s attached to like with a crown, but don’t forget that it’s still next to natural teeth. If you don’t brush around your implant, decay could end up forming in those in-between spaces and affecting those surrounding teeth.

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Smiles Dental Can Answer Your Questions

If you have any more questions about taking care of your dental crown or your dental implant, please don’t hesitate to ask the Smiles Dental team. We’d love to give you the tools you need to enjoy a healthy smile for many years to come!

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