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Clear Aligners vs. Traditional Braces

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Are you looking to straighten your smile this year? At Smiles Dental, we proudly offer clear aligner therapy. Both Invisalign® and ClearCorrect™ can help you achieve the smile of your dreams discreetly. If you’re considering traditional metal braces, we’ll break down the difference between clear aligners and traditional braces so you can make the most informed decision!

What are Clear Aligners?

Having crooked teeth can be embarrassing and make it harder to properly eat, talk, and smile. Clear aligners are a great solution for those with crooked teeth! Unlike traditional metal braces, clear aligners subtly shift your teeth over time without any unsightly or uncomfortable metal brackets and wires. Invisalign and ClearCorrect use custom-made, computer-generated plastic aligners. You slip them over your teeth and wear them throughout the day. Every two weeks, you will receive a new set of aligners. The new set will continue to gradually shift your teeth to the desired position over time.

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Benefits of Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are made from thin plastic. This not only makes them a discreet orthodontic option but one that is very comfortable to wear. Because aligners are removable, you can take them out for important functions or photos. You can take them out to eat too, so you don’t have to avoid certain foods that might get stuck in metal braces. It’s also easier to brush and floss your teeth which means you don’t need to change your habits much to maintain good oral health.

What Do Clear Aligners Fix?

Clear aligners are great for adult patients with overcrowded, crooked, gapped or unevenly spaced teeth. They can also fix overbites, underbites, open bites, or crossbites. Clear aligners are not ideal for those who suffer from more advanced orthodontic issues. No matter what your situation, we recommend that you set up a consultation with Smiles Dental to determine if you might be a good fit for clear aligner therapy. Straight teeth make taking care of your oral health easier which prevents gum disease and other issues associated with aging. Make 2020 the year that you choose to improve the appearance and overall function of your smile with clear aligner therapy!

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